3-Sci is the creator of a range of industrial monitoring products designed for challenging environments. We have an established portfolio of monitoring and control systems for processing industries, including Wi-Corr® CUI and Wi-Corr® UT, our world leading advanced wireless sensing approach for corrosion damage. More recently, we have expanded our condition monitoring products into renewable energy infrastructure in offshore wind and fusion reactors. We integrate our innovative sensors with proprietary software and algorithms to enable data-driven decision making. Our revolutionary technology is being deployed by multinational companies worldwide.

Our products


Wireless sensing systems for asset life extension


Innovative electromagnetic sensor to profile the fluids throughout vessels and storage tanks

Distributed sensing

Our versatile electromagnetic sensors for high accuracy, long range measurements in harsh environments


Environmentally friendly anti-biofouling system for offshore wind turbines
Partnering to deliver turnkey solutions for your innovation challenges

We can help you design and develop innovative technology products that will ensure your long-term competitive advantage. If you are out of ideas in your transformational journey, we can own your challenges and accelerate your new technology breakthroughs. From conceptual thinking to product development, our in-house multi-disciplinary teams will manage the complexities and help guide you through the journey.

Our Capabilities

Sensor Development
Data Access
Predictive Analytics


Choosing 3-Sci to help us solve an R&D challenge outside of our usual skillset was a game-changer for our innovation team and wider business. Mark, Adrian, and their team of experts seamlessly integrated innovative, cutting-edge ideas that quickly resulted in a novel and groundbreaking approach, which solved a challenge we had really struggled with. The 3-Sci team possess a deep understanding of new product introduction processes, making them the perfect partner for innovation-driven businesses that need to move promptly from concept to product. Throughout the process, communication between our two project teams was excellent, thereby giving our internal team and senior stakeholders the confidence to make informed decisions as key milestones were hit. Thanks to 3-Sci, we gained a competitive edge as they helped us to generate a solution that a year before we may not have believed was possible. Choosing 3-Sci to help us solve this problem was an easy decision and I have no hesitation in recommending 3-sci to anyone seeking to augment their early stage R&D and new product development capacity with external expertise.
- Dr Matthew Holmes, Innovation Manager

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