The new Fluid-EM profiler is our groundbreaking modular waveguide sensor, harnessing electromagnetic waves to provide unparalleled insights into the immediate environment. Through the integration of cutting-edge electronics and advanced data analytics, our sensor is capable of generating comprehensive fluid profiles of vessels and tanks.

Our innovation lies in the precise measurement of conductivity and electrical permittivity along each waveguide, enabling us to accurately detect the presence of gases, fluids, and solids within the container. Our integrated analytics give a full report of every material in the container and its precise location.

Modular design

Fluid-EM's modular waveguide hardware allows customisation to meet your requirements in a rapid and cost-effective manner. Modules are stacked to create a customised profile tool

The technology does not use radioactive sources and instead uses low power EM waves to determine the immediate environment, meaning no special permits are required for installation, maintenance, or use.

Dual operation modes

Operate the sensors with the option of two distinct operational modes, for real-time operational control or for dip-stick type testing.

Real-time process control

The real-time operation mode empowers dynamic process control, employing refined data analytics and high-speed communication to facilitate adjustments on the fly. Connection compatibility to central control systems (OPC/DCS) makes this a seamless process.

In separator vessels, this capability enables maximising throughput while ensuring all types of contaminants are thoroughly removed. Resistance to scale and sediment buildup and a robust sensor design makes the profiler suitable for permanent installations with minimal maintenance.

Mobile inspection

The second operational mode for manual inspection allows for a dip-stick approach to measuring. This versatile solution is suitable for various scenarios with the same detailed reporting features available.

This spot profiling capability is ideal for storage vessels. Gain full insight into the inside of your tank for better planning and cost estimates, such as monitoring sludge level.

The senor is designed to function in whatever your application requires -
  • Location of gas, oil and water
  • Location of sand and silt
  • Ratio of oil and water in emulsions
  • Salinity levels in water