Wireless Underground Communication

The 3-Sci team extends our work in innovative sensing and wireless communication to below surface.

Using our ‘in house’–developed computational and analytical approaches, we specialise in creating the optimised theoretical understanding of the broadest range (ELF, VLF (Hz) to Microwave (GHz)) of electromagnetic transmissions and receptions. This then results in design, fabrication and deployment of networks of unique autonomous antennas and sensors, co-housed with their required power and control electronics. These systems are designed to cope with the heterogeneous and time-varying conditions and are best-matched for energy consumption and data transfer for any specific sub-surface applications and transfer of data to above ground control and acquisition stations.

Our techniques under development are therefore applicable to:

  • Through the Earth communications
  • Border patrol
  • Buried pipelines
  • Smart farming
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Tunnels and mines

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