Software and Analytics Solutions

Our versatile team of software engineers have deployed a number of solutions ranging from fully on-premise applications to mobile applications and cloud-based software (SaaS). Systems can be stand-alone or fully integrated into your corporate big-data platform, as required.

On-premises application

The Trend software platform was developed to manage on-premise wireless sensor deployments for clients that require all of their hardware and software infrastructure to be hosted on-site, as opposed to being hosted on the cloud. Trend is predominantly used to automate sensors using the WirelessHart industrial protocol. WirelessHart is the most widely used network in heavy industrial environments with dense metallic clutter and in these settings, it is considered to be most secure, reliable self-organising network available. The 3-Sci team are the UK’s only certified WirelessHart design house. Trend has the following features:

  • 24/7 sensor data collection and automated analysis.
  • An integrated Risk Based Inspection (RBI) capability enabling a data-driven approach for prioritising maintenance and performance.
  • Predictive analytics powered by the high precision data from the Wi-Corr® sensors.
  • Advanced data visualisations and geospatial representation with site location indication, status of all equipment and intuitive traffic light system for every Wi-Corr® unit deployed.
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Wi-Corr® CUI
Wi-Corr® UT
Wi-Corr® Trend

Cloud IOT application

The iTrend platform was developed by the 3-Sci team to enable clients to leverage the benefits of fusing data from 2G / 4G enabled sensor systems with third party data sources, such as meteorological data, to enable the analysis of geospatial trends.

Recently configured for use with our anti-fouling systems and deployed in remote locations in the Orkney Islands and South East Asia, it has shown itself to be a reliable and flexible cloud based IOT platform. It can be hosted by either the AWS or Azure platform and can be quickly reconfigured to meet a wide range of applications.

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Wireless handheld application

For short-term wireless sensor installations or mobile worker applications, 3-Sci have developed a number of apps for deployment on handheld platforms. A recent project developed a software app for an ATEX Zone 1 tablet that harvested measurement data from 3-Sci sensors mounted on wellheads.

Used in remote locations with no cellular or IT infrastructure, our apps communicate with our sensors by creating a Personal Area Network hotspot directly with the sensors using inbuilt Wi-Fi capabilities of handheld devices. The apps prompt the user to enter key location and application information, consistent with many clients’ requirements for record keeping. Our apps analyse our sensor data and can help make immediate, critical decisions to inform the ongoing processes and client planning. Reports are automatically generated and all data uploaded onto corporate servers at the push of a button.

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